Decorating Tips and Design Ideas to Transform Your Backyard / Save 15%

Is your backyard space ready for a spring spruce up, but it seems like an overwhelming project? At Bellezza Outdoor, we have some decorating tips and design ideas to help you create a backyard space that is both functional and stylish.

Tip 1:  Create a Welcoming Gathering Spot

Begin by creating a gathering spot around the favorite part of your backyard. Arrange your seating to welcome your guests and attract attention to this space. Add comfortable outdoor cushions and throw pillows in a variety of patterns and styles to create your own unique look.

Tip 2:  Use Outdoor Lighting

Add ambiance with outdoor lighting such as string lights, pathway lights, lanterns and/or table and floor lamps. From electric to battery operated to solar powered, there a variety of ways to light up your space.

Tip 3:  Incorporate a Water Element

Adding a water element is a sure way to make a big splash. Pools may be pricey but there is no comparison to taking a swim in your own backyard. Smaller water features like ponds or fountains are also extremely relaxing and some do not require additional plumbing.

Tip 4:  Relax in a Shaded Area

Overhead structures provide a welcome respite from the summer sun. Another cooling option is to add a large resort style umbrella. These will add some shade for you and your guests as well as protect your outdoor furniture.

Tip 5:  Enjoy the View from Your Dining Area

Whether your backyard looks toward an ocean, a garden, or anything in between, set up your dining table so that you and your guests can enjoy the view. It will add the perfect flavor to any meal or gathering.

Tip 6:  Add Artwork and Accents

Hang artwork and add unique accents to your outdoor space to make it your own. You can create a theme or continue your indoor style in your outdoor space.

Tip 7: Incorporate a Fire Element

Don’t let chilly weather keep you inside. Outdoor heaters and gas or wood burning fire pits will keep you and your guests warm and cozy when the weather is cool.

Tip 8:  Add an Outdoor rug

A soft rug underfoot will add comfort to bare feet and also help with noise reduction. Layer or mix and match to create your own look.

Tip 9: Add Outdoor Music with Hidden Bluetooth Speakers

Don’t hook up your old stereo speakers or drag the boom box out of the attic! Bluetooth speakers are available in a variety of styles that can make listening to your favorite music easy on your ears as well as your eyes.

Tip 10: Carve Out a Separated Spot

Create a spot for a nap or a quiet cup of coffee by adding an outdoor daybed or hammock. This separate area is perfect for your everyday use or for quiet conversation during a gathering.

Tip 11:  Add Outdoor Drapery

Outdoor draperies are both functional and stylish. In addition to blocking the sun, they can transform the look of any space.

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