Residential and Commercial Al Fresco Dining

Whether you’re enjoying a simple meal at home with your family or you are looking to expand and highlight your restaurant’s al fresco dining, Bellezza Outdoor furniture can help you enjoy a delicious meal in comfort and style.

Al Fresco Dining at Home

  • Advanced planning and prep: Prepare everything as much as possible before you head outdoors. Time your oven-cooked offerings to be finishing at corresponding times with your grilled items.
  • Focus on fresh, simple food: Eating outside is about letting the atmosphere flavor your food to create a feeling of freshness. Keep your menu simple with in-season produce and fresh herbs so you can focus on relaxing and enjoying your time outside.
  • Safety first: Start with a freshly disinfected table to reduce the transfer of bacteria from your table to your food. Wash your produce and keep raw meat separate from other foods. Also, pay attention to how long your food is left out.
  • Banish bugs: Don’t get bugged by bugs! Light some citronella candles or torches and be sure to wear your bug spray. Quickly clean up spills can cover all of your dishes.

Benefits of Al Fresco Dining for Your Restaurant

Al fresco dining is more than a passing trend. Diners enjoy the experience of eating outdoors in a more festive atmosphere. By offering al fresco dining at your restaurant both you and your patrons can benefit.

  • Increase your revenue: Outdoor seating will attract more diners and can exponentially expand your restaurant. More seating means more meals served, thus improving your bottom line.
  • Provide an enhanced atmosphere for your diners: Al fresco dining creates an ambiance which makes diners feel more festive. The fun atmosphere encourages more wine, beer, liquor and higher ticketed menu items to be consumed; again leading to increased revenue.

Bellezza Outdoor Dining Collections

Whether you are looking to transform your home’s backyard or your restaurant’s sidewalk, rooftop, patio, and/or garden dining, Bellezza Outdoor has exactly what you are looking for. We offer a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes to transform any al fresco dining space into the ultimate in outdoor luxury and comfort. Come shop our Milano, Mariano, Valencia, Sophia, Palermo, Catania, Vescano, Terramo, San Remo, and Gabiano dining sets. Mix and match or stick with a single collection, no matter what you choose, Bellezza Outdoor dining sets will take your al fresco dining to the next level.