Small Space? No Problem! Outdoor Furniture Ideas for Your Small Areas

Even the smallest of patios begs to host an outdoor gathering and beckons you to put your feet up and relax. Make the most of your outdoor living space by optimizing every square inch to create a comfortable and welcoming oasis.

How Will You Use Your Space?

Do you picture a space where you can spend quiet mornings with a cup of coffee or do you want to create a spot to entertain friends? When you know how you want to use your space, it will be easier to choose which furniture pieces to add. A bistro table is perfect if you wish to use your area for dining. A few plush chairs, chaise lounges (like the ones in our Portofino collection), or a loveseat are perfect choices if you are looking to sit back and relax. If space allows, combine a loveseat, two chairs, and a coffee table (that can double as a makeshift dining table) to create a four-piece dining, relaxing, and dining set.

Dimensions and Layout

It is important to fully understand the possibilities and limitations of your area before purchasing any furniture or accessories. Carefully measure the dimensions of your space to create your layout. Create a focal point that will serve as the primary gathering point and build from there by placing your longest piece of furniture along the longest wall facing the focal point. Keep in mind that although your space is small, your furniture doesn’t have to be totally scaled down. A larger, well-placed piece of furniture may work better than several smaller pieces. Take a careful look at foot traffic flow by considering how guests will enter and travel through your space and allow 2 feet of clearance around seating areas and 3 feet around dining areas.

Accents, Accessories, and Integrated Storage

End tables, side tables (like the glass topped ones featured in our Catania and Serena collections), and ottomans add style to your space as well as a place to set your refreshments. Maximize your space by choosing outdoor furniture that offers integrated storage. Our 63”x26″x35″ lined storage boxes and our 51”x22”x22” unlined storage boxes will provide you with a flat tabletop surface for decor while storing your outdoor accessories (coasters, napkins, candles, cushions, etc) inside.

Need Assistance? Let Us Help!

We have multiple pieces and collections that work well in smaller spaces. For exaple, our sleek, modular Vescano collection offers the perfect mix of modern and classic to fit almost any outdoor space. If you still aren’t sure which outdoor furniture pieces you want to add to your space, let Bellezza Outdoor assist you. From balconies, small porches, to tiny corners of a yard, we can help you find the perfect pieces to furnish your space. Call us today!